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During the course of a day, your child will be offered:

Cereal or toast with a drink of milk
A Vegetarian meal, a sweet and juice
A Light snack, juice and fresh fruit/salad

breakfast dinner examples

Below are some examples of meals your child will have:

Macaroni cheese
with tomatoes
Cheese and vegetable bakes
with potato smiles and beans
Mild vegetable curry
with rice
Fish Fingers
with mashed potatoes and beans
Vegetable chow mien
with noodles

Sweets are usually things such as:
Fresh fruit salad, rice pudding, chocolate crispies, jelly, ice cream, sponge and custard, yoghurt, angel delight.

other food sandwiches

Tea is a light snack such as sandwiches, soup and bread, spaghetti on toast, crackers and cheese.

All meals for young babies are blended, with your approval, once their digestive systems are more developed. We also offer finger food and fresh fruit & vegetable sticks to chew on.

We describe our food as being vegetarian, this term is applied loosely. If your child has any special requirement, whether personal, cultural or religious these can all be catered for.